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Yo Girl, It’s Yo Birthday!


So now I’m 23… and it was a really good day with an even better night even if I didn’t get to go to the club like I wanted! =) I tried telling everyone I didn’t need anything for my bday but dem peeps just don’t listen to me! In addition to my Miche, my husband got me the iPhone5! *insert screams* I love that baby! truly amazing y’all! He also didn’t listen to me and got me more stuff!


I love anything Paris and especially my Eiffel Tower jewelry holder! ♥

So Friday all the clubs were having their costume parties and I just didn’t feel like dressing up and being crowded that much even tho I wanted so bad to go clubbing and dancing for my birthday. So instead I just decided to have my own party! :D that’s how I roll, y’all! So we loaded up on the alcohol and cigars and headed back to our place party up my 23rd. In which we so did! Let’s just say… it was a fabulous night… altho the next day wasn’t all that great haha

well except for the fact that I got a surprise package from my sibs! awwwww so sweet of them! was so thoroughly surprised!


these are seriously the most comfortable pair of pants ever! plus they are Superman which makes them even more awesome!


they also sent all this fabulous stuff too! :) I love it all!


then the amazing Katrina, along with Kenton and Nate got me these. :O I have been dying to get these and I frickin’ love them!!

I also got a giftcard for Starbucks… I live for that stuff everyday y’all! mmmmmmm!

It was a truly spectacular birthday and I don’t know why everyone thinks I deserve all that, but it warms my deepest heart of hearts to have people who think I should be showered with so much! ♥ I really can’t even y’all! I feel so special!

with smiles =),

The Vacation of 2012 Part Uno

So I’ve been absent a while, huh?! well we had a 10 day vacation which had issues, then I had drama to deal with and its been really draining me… emotionally and physically, and then having to deal with a harddrive that doesn’t want to work either and all the other life stuff that happens! damn! its been a rough month! but parts have been pretty alright too!

Anywhos so vacation…

Friday we left after Isaiah got off work, stop by his parents to get some fish and headed out! I was so thrilled! :) I drove and even took time off from when we were supposed to get there… then within 40min of being at Grammy’s… we lost a tire. All of the sudden there was a mountain looking rock sticking out of the toll road and there was no way to escape! :( (bu bump) pull off to the side, get out the spare, start changing it, another car off the road. continue trying to change the tire and our jack won’t hold up the car! >.< State trooper stops by and let’s us know that the road buckled under the severe heat that IN has been under and he’s been dealing with this all day! lends us his jack to put on our spare and tells us to call the toll road for a refund for our repairs.

Get back on the road, lost over an hour of driving time, arrive at Grammy’s hugs, chats, then sleep! get up, drive the car to get a tire, hear noise, freak out, get to tire place, can’t look at it til Monday, its Friday. Whatever. Go to lunch with Grammy and enjoy the day with her!


My Love looking sexy in his new haircut!

then we headed with my most fabulous Aunt to see the kids and Dave! Went with Dave to his karaoke gig and sung like 10 songs! Isaiah even sang! ;) then went to enjoy the late night.


Dart partners!


us ♥

Saturday Grammy had to work so we relaxed and tried to not stress about the car!


be still my heart!

Grammy got home and we headed to Bonnie Doon’s! Can’t not go there when you’re in IN!


my amazing Grammy! I don’t know what I’d do without her! ♥


Superman ice cream… duh!


my two most favorite people… well three!


Isaiah and Pancho and Chica

Then went to family night to spend some time with the kids and Dave and Lyd and everyone at the lake. We so enjoyed ourselves talking and being together, and Isaiah and Swift sure loved playing in the lake! it was great!


we are the three babes ;)


Sunday, Grammy let us use her car and thus we went fish store hunting which we found a really awesome one! and enjoyed spending hours looking at all the fish! Even captured these beauties!





then got Grammy from work and enjoyed the evening together.


my world

MONDAY! finally we were so anxious to get our car, hoping nothing would be majorly wrong with it. Went to lunch with Grammy then she took us over there! it was fine and ready! *YAY*! so glad to get Mo back!


We decided to follow with the plans that hadn’t been screwed and headed to meet up with my dear friend at the 4-H fair where there was a goat show happening. yes… I went to and stood through a goat show… that shows how much I love him right? ;)


there was this absolutely GORGEOUS white peacock… do you know how magnificent peacocks are?!

We  spent hours at the fair… I even got an elephant ear! *JOY* and a heart to heart with my dear friend which was so good for the soul! ♥ then we stopped by another wonderful friend’s and made plans for another meet up! :)

Tuesday Grammy had off so of course… we got mani’s and pedi’s because it wouldn’t be vacation without it! :) Isaiah went off on his own adventure in which case his phone battery dies and I lose him for a couple hours… finally find him again and head out to see my precious wonderful great grandma!


three’s the charm! these two mean the world to me!

and thus ends the first part of our vacation! upcoming is a trip to the zoo, meeting up with more friends, and then the ACA show which is about fish btw and that was so frickin’ awesome!

I promise not to be void from the blogosphere… if I have anyone out there anymore who stops by! ;)

with smiles =),

It’s Coming…

Spring that is… I know because I felt it a sneak peek of it! :) it was glorious! cannot wait for it to come and stay! at least for a lil bit then I want summer. To celebrate this beautiful springy day, which happened to be Isaiah’s day too, we went for a walk at the Boardwalk. :D yes… be jealous you didn’t get to go!


we only walked to the bridge… but it was great anyway!


it was nice to relax at bit here and watch and listen to the atmosphere.


of course a Boardwalk walk isn’t complete til we take a SuperUs photo but of course! ;)


he’s such a natural…


he definitely should have been a model when Ralph Lauren asked him to! ;)


just can’t take my eyes off him… er camera! :P


gave Isaiah the camera to hold while I looked up something and he decided to be a paparazzi


definitely could have picked a better thing to photograph


yah… you’re reallllllly funny honny. :P

it was quite a refreshing walk and is making me all giddy for spring to come and stay! after our walk we went to Mom and Dad J’s and I convinced Isaiah to go to Sonic so we took Nate and Kenton and went to Sonic. it was so wonderful after that walk. but like hello Sonic is good no matter what!
Then we took the boys back home and came home and relaxed then I made dinner and we just pretty much cuddled the rest of the night while watching tv. it was fabulous day!

I love my life! ♥

with smiles,

With Backs Turned

It really surprises me everytime a homeschool graduated christian woman (and I’m not calling us girls anymore, because dang it we aren’t anymore!) tell me how they have gone through the same thing I have with controlling parents and being called to leave and live on their own. I don’t know why it does, but it does. Its sad…I was thinking about things the other day and I became was very angry… thinking how I don’t have a mama who I can talk to about thingss like marriage and such. I was angry that my family turned their backs on me. I was angry that they think that is an option. Then I thought about the only time I know of in the Bible where a parent had a a reason and a right to turn their back on their child… want to know when that was?
When Christ was on the cross, carrying the weight of every sin on him for all the ages of the world and God couldn’t look at His son because He was in so much pain for what His son was going through. That is the only time I have seen or heard of a righteous and right reason a parent has EVER had to turn their back on their child. So who do these parents think they are that they can disown and turn their backs on their children whom they disagree with their decisions? Oh they must be God I guess…

You know, there are even unbelievers whose children have done way more evil things like murdering someone than these believing parents’ children have done by moving out of their controlling households!
It angers me that parents think that they have the right to turn their backs on their children just because they believe that they shouldn’t make their own life decisions. Because adult daughters feeling that God wants them to move out of their parents house before they are married is apparently the same thing as Christ having every sin on his back…  Right!
And evenso God doesn’t turn His back on anyone! so this just goes to prove how ungodly it is to do even if you think you have a righteous reason which you actually don’t.*sigh*

I just pray to God that I never have the audacity to think I can do this. That I can break this cycle because it is wrong.

And ya know… it is really hard to even want to have anything to do with these parents that have turned their backs on us, because what’s to say to us that they aren’t gonna do it again? There is a saying that goes: “I’m mature enough to forgive you. But I’m not dumb enough to trust you again.” and while its harsh, its true. It hurts immensely to have your parents whom tell you all the time how they gave you life and would do anything for you and love you so much, only to turn their backs on you. It will take a long time to heal that hurt! And saying “I love you” is just a sentence… until you  show them you love them with your actions. Otherwise your words are “a meaningless noise like a loud gong or a clanging cymbal.” that’s what 1 Corinthians 13 says anyway. You have to show that you love them or you know what? Who cares! And I’m sorry… but turning your back on someone… isn’t a way of showing you love them. Just sayin’!

*double sigh*

Love is verbs… Verbs are actions… use your actions to express your love.

with smiles,
♥ My Superman and I ♥

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